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Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund

Lama Yeshe Sangha FundFor over 30 years, the monks and nuns of International Mahayana Institute (IMI) have tirelessly helped bring the Buddha’s teachings throughout the world. Today, approximately 280 monks and nuns continue to serve as teachers, retreat leaders, directors, spiritual program coordinators, editors and counselors in FPMT centers, projects and services worldwide. 

The Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund was established to help support the monks and nuns within the IMI community. The goal of the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund is take care of the IMI monastic community by ensuring that:

  • The Sangha are educated in Vinaya and Buddhist philosophy as a foundation for their spiritual development as well as in their role as spiritual guides to the larger Buddhist community.
  • The Sangha have appropriate accommodation
  • The Sangha have proper food and nourishment
  • The Sangha have access to proper medical care
  • The Sangha have a supportive environment and conditions for retreat
  • The Sangha are cared for when sick and elderly

 The support for the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund over the last few years has had tremendous benefit and will continue to do so in the generations to come. Supporting the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund helps the monks and nuns continue to study, to practice and to live a life in the Buddha’s footsteps.

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FPMT has established the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund (LYSF) as a designated purpose fund, which with the support of generous benefactors, supports the work of FPMT’s affiliate, the International Mahayana Institute (IMI).

Questions about making the donation? Write to Donor Services.

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